How many antique tractors does it take to plow a 15 acre field in 2 hours?

Find out at the 29th Annual Spring Plow Days

The next question you might ask is, “Can I see this being done?”

The answer is a resounding yes. Our 29th Annual Spring Plow Show will be held at the Berks County Heritage Center, 22 Luckenbill Road in Kutztown, Pennsylvania on April 27 and 28.

A few facts about our Spring Plow Days

In the past members got together to open the fields with their antique tractors. Over time, what was once a day for the members to get together has now developed into a two-day event complete with all sorts of activities for everyone’s enjoyment.


Pedal Car Pulls

For the kids, the pedal tractor pulls are a number one favorite. This year the pedal tractor pulls are being sponsored by Carl & Allie’s Vintage Wheels and will see to it that every child goes home with a prize. Other activities for the kids will include barrel rides, a scavenger hunt, and kid’s games. For the big kids who love the big tractors, Saturday will be our Antique Tractor Pulls and Sunday will feature garden tractor pulls. If you are interested in participating in the pulls it is necessary for you to be a member of the club. Please see the details. 

Want to just sit and enjoy the day?

Saturday, April 27, 2019
10:00 open to public | 10:00 Plowing demonstrations (if fields permit)
11:00 Antique tractor pull weigh ins
11:30 – 12:30 PEDAL PULL SIGN UPS
12:30 Antique & Garden Tractor Parade
1:00 (after parade) Pedal Pulls (must be signed up prior to)
1:00 & 3:00 Learn Pennsylvania Dutch (in school house)
1:30 Antique tractor pulls begin
2:00 (after pedal pulls) Children’s games
5:00 closing for the day

Sunday, April 28, 2019
8:00 ride to Airport diner for Breakfast
9:20 Church service in the Barnyard
10:00 open to public
11:30 -12:30 PEDAL PULL SIGN UPS
12:30 Antique & Garden Tractor Parade
1:00(after parade) Pedal Pulls (must be signed up prior to)
1:00 & 3:00 Learn Pennsylvania Dutch (in school house)
1:00 Garden Tractor weigh ins
1:30 – 3:30 Days of Old Band (in Barnyard)
2:00 Garden Tractor Pulls begin
4:00 Closing for the day

There’s plenty to experience from our daily parade of tractors, a variety of vendors and crafters with all sorts of items to purchase, and music entertainment on Sunday with “Days of Old” from 1:30 to 3:30. The main attraction on Saturday will be our antique tractor pulls. We will be providing wagon rides to experience the opening of the fields.

Brand new to this year’s event will be axe throwing by Axe Man with the Eastern Pa. Axetravaganza. You won't want to miss it. While enjoying all the activities, stop by our food stands for some great homemade food, soups, french fries, and burgers as well as yummy ice cream and desserts.

It’s an event that is a one of a kind experiences and one you won’t want to miss.


Antique tractors with their 2 and 3 bottom plows are opening the fields at the Spring Plow Days

So what is the answer to the question as to how many antique tractors does it take to plow a 15-acre field in 2 hours? When asked that question, George Ohlinger, one of our members shared, “Well, first of all, the tractors can only use 2 and 3 bottom plows and these plows can be on rubber or on steel tires.” George continued, “What we do is a tractor will begin the first two rows and then another tractor will follow and open the next two rows right behind them and others will follow. With 16 tractors we can open a 15-acre field, the old fashioned way in two hours.” “Last year was a very challenging year for us and the garden tractors were used to open the fields.” When asked, “Can anyone come out and help with the plowing?” George answered, “Nope, you need to be a member of Old Time Plow Boys and you can only have one person on the plow. All tractors must have fire extinguishers on them, too. The tractors must be older than 1959 to qualify as an antique tractor.” “Sure, we will allow tractors to plow for the demonstration that are newer than the age limit for the antique tractors but you still need to be a member to be on the field and you must use 3 bottom plow or less.”

What are you and your family doing on April 27th and 28th?


The Old Time Plow Boys Club Annual Spring Plow Show

Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center

22 Luckenbill Rd Kutztown PA

Hosted by The Old Time Plow Boys Club Inc.

Help promote our Pennsylvania German heritage and farming history for future generations by joining us for our annual Spring Plow Show on April 27th and 28th. We have a great setting to demonstrate what this area was about, farming and Pennsylvania German culture, oh yes, and FOOD too! Our club members strongly love to show off their tractors and actually use them for what they were intended to do - put in a full days work. At our April show, club members till the land, something you will not see at many tractor shows, using antique farm equipment ranging from 1 to 3 bottom plows. We also disk the 30+ acres using antique machinery.

Homemade Food & Baked Goods, Vendors, Local Artisans and Craftsmen, Antique Tractor & Equipment Parade, Wagon Rides all day, Tractor Games, Children's Games and Crafts.

Special events will be happening each day.

Interested In Becoming a Member?

Our shows do not happen by themselves, it takes dedicated members to organize and put on the shows for everyone's enjoyment.

We look forward to you becoming a volunteer for the many "jobs" during and after our shows. The more hand we have to help us the better it is for everyone. You will have a good time and meet and make some great friends in the process!


Membership from January 1st to December 31st. Anyone joining after January 31st will be a member until December 31st.

To receive more information about our Club Contact us @


CALL: the Farm phone @ 610.683.6408


Join us at our upcoming Spring Plow Days

There's more than one way to plow a field.

Interested in Sponsoring an Event?

Our shows do not happen by themselves... it takes dedicated members and great helpers. Sign up to Sponsor our show(s) or Pulling trophies!