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Our History

Old Time Plow Boys is a family oriented club, dedicated to the preservation of our agricultural heritage. We do this by holding annual shows where we display antique equipment, practices, and activities. The Plow Boys Club was started in May of 1990, by a group of local farmers who wanted to see if the old tractors and equipment could still be used to work the fields. On May 6, 13 tractors showed up on the farm fields of Arlan (late) and Pauline Seidel in Mertztown. Everyone who attended had so much fun, a club was formed. This club was started by nine farming families: Norman Christman, Clarence Lichtenwalner, of Macungie; Robert Hunsicker, Lee Kern, Chester Mackiewicz Jr., Arlan Seidel, all of Mertztown; Leonard Saeger and Robert Wagner of Allentown; and Irwin Seidel of Breinigisville. Each family donated monies to get started with start up costs (mostly liability insurance) Our first show was held at the Lichtenwalner farm, along the busy traveled road, Route 100 in Macungie, the first weekend in August.

Since the 1990 show, our shows were held at the Lichtenwalner's farm, and the Arlan Seidel farm fields. In May of 1993, we negotiated with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, through the Kutztown University to lease a farm, as our "home base". Today this site is known as the PA German Cultural Heritage Center. We hold two shows a year at this site, the last full weekend in April and the second full weekend in August, each year. Each year we feature a different tractor and engine. We are currently farming the fields, using as much vintage farm equipment as possible.


Garden Tractor Pull Rules


  2. If the driver is under 16 years of age, they MUST have a parent’s written consent to pull. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. STOCK HITCH to be no higher than 10”. Hitch height will be checked. If the hitch is higher than 10”, you will be put in a higher weight class. (11” – up one weight class, 12” – up two weight classes, etc)
  4. If the front end gets too high, you will be flagged at the flagman’s discretion.
  5. Hydrostatic drive transmissions are to go at the walking pace of the sled operator; gear drive transmissions are to use first gear. (Ex.: 1st high in a Cub Cadet or Wheelhorse)
  6. Drivers must be able to safely operate the tractor on their own. Drivers should have full control of their tractor during the pull.
  7. While in the weigh in line, a driver must be present with the tractor at all times.

Antique Tractor Pull Rules


  • Tractors must be manufactured by year 1959 or earlier to participate. Farmall 60 series and John Deere 30 series 2 cylders or tractors where production on them started in 1959 are the exceptions and they will be allowed to pull.
  • All tractors must appear stock. We want a safe and enjoyable show for the spectators at the Old Time Plow Boys.
  • We want tractors to operate at a maximum speed of 5 MPH around the show. All tractors will have a speed limit of first gear or 2-3/4 mph on track, NO TORQUE CONVERTERS.
  • If you disobey the speed limit you will be disqualified.
  • Hitch maximum height 18”, minimum from center of draw bar 24”, minimum 3” hole in twisted clevis or flat plate horizontal to the ground.

Tire sizes: Rim may not be wider than tire size.

 Sizes: 4,000 to 4,500 lbs. max. 170 sq. in. 13.6-38; 5000 to 5500 lbs. max. 200 sq. in. 15.5-38; 5501-6500 max. 220 sq. in. 16.9-34; 6501+ 300 sq. in. 18.4-38

  • Tractors will be checked for obvious safety problems when weighed in.
  • Entry fee is TBD

  • Everyone pulls at their own risk and the owners of tractors are responsible for any damage or injury by their equipment.
  • The pulling committee will discuss any argument. Classes: 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7500, and 8500
  • All tractor owners must sign a release form concerning responsibility of their equipment.
  • Speed not over 5 MPH off the track. Safety is still the operator’s responsibility, and everyone’s priority. The owner of the tractor is responsible for damage or injury.
  • 10% over factory rpm’s; checking will be done if questionable.
  • Line-up for classes will be determined by registration order. If the sled is not set correctly we will call the first one or two tractors back; please don’t change weights for another class until we are sure the sled is set. Two classes per tractor, two drivers per class.
  • The driver must start the pull with a tight chain and at the starting signal from the flagman.
  • Speed must be controlled by a hand throttle, or factory stock foot throttle. No strings or wires allowed.
  • Drivers must remain on the seat and maintain full control of their tractor during the pull.
  • Tractors losing weight or any other object while hooked to the sled will be disqualified.
  • Tractor must stay within the pull boundaries
  • No turbos, naturally aspirated only
  • MUST BE A MEMBER TO PULL; NO EXCEPTIONS  (Complete our online membership form, see below.)
  • Participants 12-17 must have written parental consent
  • Tractor is allowed a second attempt if driver stops before 40’
  • Pullers, are encouraged to have a fire extinguisher on their tractor.
  • Test pullers may choose to drop hook and return right away or at end of class
  • All participants pull at their own risk.
  • The club will not be responsible for any accidents and/or broken or damaged tractors.
  • These pulls are for fun, so be safe and be courteous to your other pullers!!!

“Big or small, bring them out we’ll pull them all!”

Becoming a member is easy!

Membership Information:

$10.00 Yearly dues includes membership and newsletter mailings.
Simply send your name, phone number, address, email address, and $10.00 to:

The Old Time Plow Boys Club Inc.
P.O. Box 215
Mertztown PA 19539

or complete this online form. Once we receive it we will contact you to receive payment for your dues.

    Membership from January 1st to December 31st. Anyone joining after January 31st will be a member until December 31st.

    Or you can sign up at any of our shows at the Welcome Tent! You will most likely see Carol Derr there, unless she is on her Silver King, wearing her red hat! Carol is our Membership Secretary. Our Shows are located at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center (located at Kuztown University).

    You must be a member to participate in Our Plowing Demonstrations and the Tractor Pulls.


    Tom Merkle 610.360.9049

    Vice President:
    Tom Wellington 215.896.7999

    Chairman -  Board of Directors :
    Phil Wenz 610.704.0124

    Membership Secretary:
    Carol Derr: 610.737.2076

    Club Email -


    Term Ending 2021:
    Charlie Bennicoff  610-366-1595
    Harold Hilbert  610-944-9475
    David Masters  484-334-3518

    Term Expiring 2022
    (Chairman of the Board)  Phil Wenz  610-704-0124
    George Ohlinger  610-944-8325
    Frances Gross Jr (Smoke) 484-764-6168

    Term Ending 2023:
    Randy Adams  610-682-2066
    Jeff Conrath  610-682-6544
    Ralph Dengler  484-547-3271

    SPONSORS FOR 2021:

    Please support our 2021 Sponsors.

    Giant Food Store, Kutztown PA

    Kermit Kistler Inc., New Tripoli PA

    Historic Airport Diner, Kutztown PA

    Eckroth Bros Farm Equipment, Orefield PA